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The private crewing company General Maritime Crewing Ltd was established in February 2005 by the American shipping company General Maritime Corporation - owners and operators of the second largest fleet of Aframax and Suezmax ships in the world. Nowadays, you may meet large tankers carrying the name "Genmar" and flying a remarkable green flag with letter G on it in all oceans, in most oil ports and many countries. Since its creation in 1997, General Maritime Corporation has shown impressive growth to become, in a short period of time, one of the world's leading transportation and shipping company's.

In the modern tanker industry where the human factor becomes one of the important aspects of safe and efficient operations, General Maritime Management has decided to establish its own global crewing network to control the quality of personnel on board its fleet. Having experience with employment of Russian seafarers since 2001, General Maritime Management established a crewing company in Novorossiysk - the biggest port on the Black sea, where a large seamanship community has become known world-wide as a traditional source of quality seamen, especially tankermen.

General Maritime Crewing Ltd is a part of a wide crewing chain consisting of crewing offices located in the USA, Great Britain, Greece, India, Portugal, Singapore and Philippines which recruit quality seamen for the Genmar fleet. There are more then two thousand seamen of many nationalities presently working in the Genmar family. We are experienced in employment of complete crews consisting of single and multi nationals. In Russia we already have offered more than 500 jobs to seamen of all ranks from different parts of the country. Presently we supply crews for tankers on a constant basis and continue to increase the data base records taking into account demanding requirements of our principals and their expanding plans.